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Energylandia in Zator – My complete amusement park guide

Energylandia is a place where you and your children forget about every day worries. The largest amusement park in Poland can be found in the town of Zator, which lies on the Skawa River about 70 kilometers northeast of the Czech-Slovak-Polish tri-border. Administratively, the town of Zator belongs to the Lesser Poland Voivodeship and the Auschwitz district.

History of the theme park

Energylandia was inaugurated on July 14, 2014 . It is therefore a modern complex, which in the following years expanded to be the largest Polish amusement park, which covers an area of ​​35 hectares.

Streets of amusement park Energylandia

Energylandia introduces itself

The biggest attraction of the entire large area is the ten roller coasters , which you will find in the extreme zone.

These include the super-fast Mega Coaster Hyperion roller coaster, the Rollercoaster Formula with a huge track length, the Viking Rollercoaster with five wagons, the modern Space Gun, the unique Spece Booster, the Aztec Swing or the Tsunami Dropper.

 There are really a lot of attractions here!

 There is also a water attraction

Attractions for younger children

For smaller visitors, I can especially recommend the fairytale carousel Leošek or the wilder carousel flying swings. Also funny is the blue crazy bus or the relaxing slide arctic fun , which you can complete in a special mattress.

 Kids love it here

Energylandia Water Park

Energylandia also has something for lovers of water fun . Here, for example, you can try an extraordinary ride on a blue slide, which is 111 meters long, or a devilish ride on an extreme slide, where you fall vertically into a completely unknown area of ​​the slide at high speed.

 You don't know where to go first!

How to get there

Energylandia Amusement Park is located between two large cities – Katowice and Krakow. There are large international airports in both. In Krakow it is the second largest in Poland. In Katowice it is the fourth largest in Poland. It is not a problem to fly here by plane from practically the whole of Europe.

If you are traveling from the Czech Republic

The best and most convenient way to get to Energylandia Park is by car through the border crossing in Český Těšín . From Český Těšín, a four-lane road S52 leads to the town of Bielsko – Biala, which connects to the S1.

In the eastern part of Bielsko – Biala, get off and drive towards Krakow on road number 52. Then continue through Kety and Andrychow to the village of Wadovice, from where road number 28 leads to Zator. Energylandia is located just behind the city on the left side. In front of the amusement park is a large parking lot with a capacity of 2,500 places.

 They have 10 big roller coasters here

Accommodation and refreshments

There is a large amount of accommodation around the theme park. Great is, for example, Western camp, which is only 1 km away from the park.

There are beautiful wooden houses or the very popular Indian teepees in the Western camp. .

 Lots of entertainment options

 Fairytale alleys of Energylandia theme park

Energylandia admission

The basic entrance fee to the amusement park costs 129.00 Polish zlotys , and the discounted fee is 79.00 Polish zlotys. The price of the ticket includes all attractions without.

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