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Webcams Croatia online – Beaches, resorts and highways

What is the weather like in Croatia? Are you interested about current weather, or you just want to see what live looks like on place where you’re going? This article is exactly for you. Webcams Croatia is already waiting online.

A webcam is a great invention. It transmits a live video calmly from the other side of the planet. In our case, we will not go that far. Beutiful coast of Dalmatia is almost just around the corner.

Original live stream from webcams in Croatia can be found below in this article!

Advantages of online webcams not only in Croatia

  • Find out the current weather on the spot
  • Find out the latest information (beach occupancy or road traffic)
  • Soak up the atmosphere of the place
  • You are actually forming an opinion – the information flows straight to you without distortion
  • It’s convenient, fast, free

Webcams Croatia online for you

Webcams Croatia

Croatia is a modern and civilized country, so the huge advantage is that you can find some webcam here on every corner . Virtually every resort in the south of the country has one. Popular places like Baska Voda or Makarska are more. It is not a problem to find out in advance exactly what interests you.

Webcams Croatia highways

Croatia has quality and modern highways. However, this does not mean that an unexpected situation cannot occur on them or that sometimes it is not necessary to close for maintenance. It’s just a highway like any other, and queues and columns of car are sometimes made here. No one will do anything about it and the only way to deal with it is to be well informed.

Fortunately, Croatian highways are dotted with hundreds of good-resolution webcams. There are over 60 only on the main route of the A1 motorway (Zagreb – Split – Dubrovnik)!

Webcams are, of course, located in strategic places, where the most common problem also occurs: toll gates, intersections, borders, tunnels.


Where to look for Croatian highways webcams?

Official website of the Croatian Automobile Club:

Webcams Croatia ferries

A specific feature of Croatia is the ferries , which are the main transport links for dozens of populated islands and islets. Of course, there are also webcams that monitor traffic and can make your orientation much easier. Of course, the cameras are not only on the mainland, but also on the ports on the islands themselves, such as: Porozina (island of Cres), Valbiska (island of Krk), Supetar (island of Brač) and others.

Croatian Ferry Webcams:

Webcams Croatia bridges

Special tolls are paid on large bridges. The good news is that you will at least receive an above-standard service for this, and these bridges are also monitored by cameras.

Webcams of Croatian bridges:

Webcams Croatia beaches

And now we come to the most interesting thing – webcams on the beaches ! What are the weather and atmosphere in the resort you are going to? You definitely believe it nice and sunny. But you will learn the whole truth from the following webcams.

Webcam Information

For each city, you see the current traffic from the webcam. After clicking on play, you will see the last 24 hours.

Webcams Baška Voda

One of the most popular resorts in the Czech Republic. Beautiful beaches and great service attract thousands of holidaymakers every year. Webcams from Baška Voda are therefore very popular. We also created a separate page about webcams in Baška .

Baška Voda: Promajna − beach, Baska Voda


Webcams Makarska

The capital of the area after which the whole riviera is named . Here you can spend a beautiful holiday . Webcams from Makarska will convince you of that.

Makarska: square and marine


Webcams Tučepi

Tucepi is a seaside resort with an amazing promenade , which literally merges with the town of Makarska.

Makarska: Riva


Webcam Igrane

A small but very picturesque resort near Živogošće . Read more about online cameras in Igrane in a separate article.

Igrane: beach


Webcam Podgora

Rather a bigger city where you can find everything! A beautiful trip from here can be taken to the mountain Sv. Jure . Podgora has amazing natural beaches and the city beach.

Podgora: panorama


Webcam Živogošče Blato

A smaller village, which is very popular with the Czechs . Just do n’t confuse Živogošče and Živogošče Blato. Both villages are about 4 kilometers apart.

Živogošće: Zivogosce small harbor


Webcam Split

The second largest Croatian city and the center of the region. On holiday right here too we do not go , but a trip to the historical center (the former Palace of Diocletian) is definitely worth it.

Split: Riva of Croatian Revival


Webcam Dubrovnik

A unique historical city , which pays extra for its world fame. The season is literally overflowing with tourists . They even think that some will forbid people from entering. Be among those who still have time to visit him.

Dubrovnik: Banje beach, view towards Cavtat


Webcam Drašnice

A smaller resort just south of Podgora.

Drašnice: Drasnice − panorama


Webcam Promajna

A smaller resort between Baska Voda and Makarska.

Baška Voda: Promajna − beach, Baska Voda


Webcam Brela

A luxury celebrity resort near Baška Voda, which retains its unique beauty.

Brela: marine


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You are going to Croatia this year

Also read the article on sea ​​temperatures in Croatia or our comprehensive guide to the capital Zagreb . If you are driving, you will also find useful an article about Croatian highways, including the current state of traffic.

Webcams Croatia conclusion

Nowadays, webcams in Croatia are on every corner and will give you a great idea of ​​where you are going. Looking at the web is often the fastest and most convenient way. We believe that we also gave you a lot of useful tips . If you do not find what you need to persevere and look forward. Webcams are basically located on foreign websites, so you can find them better using English, but believe me, just look a little and you will find a website from every town.

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